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To spread terror, chaos, mayhem, and violence is called terrorism. Any act that has done to frighten any society Or Nation called it an act of terror. Well, there is not a single definition to define terrorism. It is very wrong to Say terrorism started after 9/11, 2001, but terrorism has practiced by different state and non-state actor since though out history but it has practiced In various forms Caligula practiced banishment, expropriation of property and execution, in human activities of Jews zealots known as Sicarii, who attacked violently on fellow Hebrews, Robespierre openly has shown acts of terror while the French revolution and American civil War (1861_65) were all clear disregard of humanity.

When you hear word terrorists, what is a picture in your mind? What do your image? Indeed which shown on the news, in movies and other media tools. These all show (brown) Muslims as terrorists white people are never terrorists. History is replete with such acts, but these acts never considered as terrorist acts even though white were part of these terror activities.

Muslims are terrorist but never white; a racial discrimination and segregation

Holy Book of Islam says:

“Fight with those who fight against you, but don’t be transgressors.”

Islam is against the killing of innocents.

At the other place,the holy book says,

“Killing of one man is killing the whole of humanity.”

When white spread terrorism, they are considered as freedom fighters.

9/11 Terror Attack

After half an hour of the terror attack on American twin towers, America blamed Muslims being terrorists without investigation, media of the white world started calling the whole Muslim world cause of terror in every nook and corner of the world. All terrorists are Muslims, and this idea is prevalent in the United States. There is every long history of calling Arabs and Muslims uncivilized, illiterate, and white man’s burden. Hollywood film declares Muslims stereotype, and Muslims portrayed as terrorists. Usama Bin Laden took as leader of the Taliban and other outfits residing in Muslim states. Surprisingly, Usama was declared dead in a surprise operation held in Pakistan. The story of the hero of nine eleven ended up without any conclusion.

Terrorists are always Muslims but never whites

White People Never Terrorist?

It is a ridiculous narrative that white Christians who have been committing terror attacks are never terrorists. It has not hidden to declare that research proves white Christians attacked women’s health clinics, police officers, Jewish community centers, and Sikh temples. Many a time, white Christians had attacked mosques, but they never labeled as terrorists. When white people asked about their violence, they say their way out is different than Muslims. If Muslims are terrorists, then why they have been suffering from atrocities imposed in Kashmir, Palestinian, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and many other States. Is there any state of white Christian state under the invasion of Muslims? Never! Are these facts hidden from the world? Then why still Muslims blamed for being terrorists? Indeed, this is just a blame game to destroy the image of Islam.

Terrorists Are always Muslims?

There is a lot of difference between sayings, all Muslims are terrorists, and all terrorists are Muslims. Extremism relates to every religion, but it doesn’t mean all terrorists are Muslims. It would be wrong to blame any religion as having all followers’ terrorists. For suppose, if a mob attacks any group and sheds blood, we cannot say the whole race which belongs to that mob, is terrorist. Maybe some selected people terrorists. Similarly, if any group of Muslims commits terror attacks, nobody has the right to blame all Muslims being terrorists. But, nowadays it is a common perception to call all Muslims terrorists.

American President Bush threatened Pakistan to help them in fighting Usama in Afghanistan or be prepared to face the severe repercussions. The then Pakistani president, Pervez Musharraf, had to allow Pakistani borders and full support in the invasion of Afghanistan. It was a result of threats to enable American forces to attack Afghanistan. Was this invasion not a gigantic act of terrorism? Yap! It was.

Is Islam A Violent Religion?

Western world depicts Islam as a religion of violence and its follower’s number one terrorist. If we look at the very arrival of Islam, its founder Hazrat Muhammad always remained busy in teaching messages of love and harmony. He always preached to be good and to do good. He used to say forgiveness is better than revenge. Although he commanded in many battles, he never shed a drop of blood. Actions of his time were all defensive, not offensive. He even didn’t attack first on his rivals.

If we peek into the Islamic history, we will find thousands of events of his life which teach not to get revenge, Saleh Hudaibiya, and conquest of Makkah are excellent examples of his peace-loving nature. Then, how could be his follower’s terrorists?  However, extremism lies in every religion. The minority of Muslims as extremists and the vast majority of Muslims reject the violence; the majority of Muslims consider terrorism as a distortion of faith.

Jihad or Holy War

Holy Prophet Muhammad said,
“Fight against ill if you can fight; stop violence by using your hands, if you cannot stop ill happenings with force, condemn it with your tongue; this is the weakest manifestation of faith.”

Jihad is not a holy war. The western world has created a misconception about the concept of jihad to distort the image of it by calling it a religious war. In Islam, jihad is for a defensive purpose not for offensive, and when Muslims feel a threat against their lives, then they are allowed to defend their lives. Whereas the Holy War aims to shed blood on enemies, it used for offensive reasons.

Increase of Death Tolls in Western World

The fatal terror attack of 2001 caused death toll nearly 3000, while in 1970, terrorism was relatively very high. According to estimation, around 120 people die in road accidents in the United States, and it is almost half of the death toll from terrorists in most of the countries. All major news channels like CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post give quicker coverage to those incidents in which Muslims are involved, and these media groups don’t waste time in labeling all Muslim Ummah the terrorists.


Hence, western media has left no stone upturned to tarnish the image of Islam. It disseminates news always against Muslims. Every terror attack is considered as a conspiracy of the Muslims. In contrast, there is none to speak against the imperialistic policies of America, which are very clear from injustices occurring in Kashmir, Chechniya, Palestine, Syria, and many other Muslim countries. Social media always seems silent on hegemonic policies of the western world, and this never calls white people terrorists even though hundreds of terror incidents take place in Europe and another western world.