Do not follow Iblees
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Following is the interpretation of verse no 20 and 21 of Surah Sabaa which says that:

And Iblees had already confirmed through them his assumption, so they followed him, except for a party of believers. And he had over them no authority except [it was decreed] that We might make evident who believes in the Hereafter from who is thereof in doubt. And your Lord, over all things, is Guardian. [Sabaa: 20, 21]

The devil said that I will try to destroy the children of Adam and Eve in every possible way and will lead all the people astray from the straight path except a small group.  He did this and caught the children of Adam in his clutches.  When Adam and Eve were sent down from heaven because of their sin and Iblis also came down with them; he was very happy and behaving boastful. He was thinking if I can make them sin, then it’s my left-handed game to destroy their children by making them commit sins.  His evil saying was that I will continue to show the son of Adam, the green gardens, and will keep him in ignorance.  I will deceive them in various ways and keep them entangled in my trap.  In reply to which Allah SWT said that I too promise to my dignity that I would immediately forgive my servant whenever he repents before his last breath.  When he calls me, I will be attentive to him.  I will give him whatever he wants from me.  I will forgive him when he asks for forgiveness.  (Ibn Abi Hatim) None of the grain of Iblis has forcibly beaten oven a man.  It is just deception and evasion in which we man is getting caught.  The wisdom in this is that the believers and the disbelievers should be distinguished. Those who have to believe in the Hereafter will not believe in Satan’s traps.  Its followers will not follow Allah SWT.  God is all-knowing.  The group of believers relies on Allah’s SWT protection, so Iblis cannot harm them through anyway.  And the party of the disbelievers leaves Allah, so the guardianship of Allah is removed from them, and they fall prey to every deception of Satan.