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Importance of Hijab in Surah Ahzab

Do you know why the verse of Hijab was revealed in Surah Ahzab?

Ahzab means “group” and it mentions “Ghazwa Ahzab” which is also known as “Ghazwa Khandaq.”

The verses on Hijab were revealed in Surah Al-Ahzab because wearing Hijab is equivalent to fighting in the ditch. In this battle, the Muslims dug a trench around the city of Madinah and the Banu Qurayzah, a Jewish tribe inside the city, promised to fight the Muslims together. But when the time came, the Jews changed their minds and started fighting against the Muslims.

Hardships of Ghazwa Ahzab

The battle of the ditch is a battle in which there is cold, in which there is bitterness and in which it isn’t very easy on all sides. There is an encampment of the enemy on the outsides and the rebellion of their people on the inside in Ghazwa Ahzab. There is hunger in this war. There is no physical wound in this war, but the mental distress. Of course, this war was not fought but endured. It was a war that tormented the hearts of the believer. This was the war when Muslims were thoroughly judged of their faiths by Allah Almighty. There was Sorrow, anxiety, fear and rebellion from all sides in Ghazwa Ahzab. But the believer is a one who is never afraid of being killed or tormented in the name of faith.

How is it related to wearing Hijab?

Wearing Hijab is the same as fighting Ghazwa Ahzab. In this war, a girl has to deal with her Banu Qurayzah, a closet one who rebels against her wearing a Hijab; who despite being her own, taunts her and lets her down from doing a Hijab. And tries to label her as the society wants; do not want her to go out of the track and follow Truth. Because in this era, being a real follower means going off track. But this war is fought with great patience and steadfastness just like Ghazwa Ahzab. There are many tears to be shed in this war. It involves enduring attacks and insults from inside and outside. In this war, a girl is severely tested, but a girl who wins this war is the one who patiently waits for the right time and does not deviate from her position. Then there comes a time when she looks back and remembers that time of pain; the time when judgment and taunts no longer affect her; the time when victory is achieved, and no sword is wielded. No one killed, but the war is over, and success is given to her.


It is effortless to show your beauty and impress and seduce others in today’s-world. But that kind of impression is not long-lasting. Ultimately it is your character that is always praised or remembered even after your death. So it is a message for girls that do not uncover yourself just for the sake of some likes.

And it is a request to the society that if a girl is following the true form of Hijab that Islam has told, kindly do not hate her or judge her based on her past life. It is so heart wrenching, and a lot of girls experience this. Not every Hijabi girl wears Hijab to hide her sins. We do this only to seek the mercy of Allah SWT, not because someone forced us to do this or to hide the sins. If you supported her in this battle, it would be a relief to her struggles and torments.

Always remember that it is not very easy to follow the Truth in this world full of fakeness, especially when there is a lot of fitnas around. But those who follow Siraat-e-Mustaqeem (straight path told by Allah SWT) are the ones who cherish the massive reward in the end.

Source: Jannat Kay Pattay