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TikTok banned in Pakistan
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Banning of TikTok In Pakistan Due To Unethical and Immoral Content Sharing

Some years ago, a Chinese software company called ByteDance urbanized an application that allowed users to make videos on different sounds and your sound as well, named Musical.ly, which was changed to TikTok. The company was founded in 2012 by Zhang Ying. They made it for amusement point and only for that. If an application is developed for recreational purposes it is meant to be only for that. Chinese rarely used the application. They were just the owners and they were doing their job greatly.

TikTok banned in Pakistan

Extreme Use

The thing about Asian people is that they can be manipulated easily and prepared to do anything easily. If the application was invented to be used solitary for entertainment purposes, it would have been fine if we utilized it the same way. But no, like entire illiterates, we got the heck of it.

It is thorny to believe that half of the sum users of TikTok belonged to Asian countries. We truly on no account used it for pursuit. We used it to show off, lay bare what is granted to us, we used it to swell sexual harassment, we used it to spread societal ills comically, we used it to increase adult literature, we used it to spread soft porn, and we used it to detect the poor.

Ultimately, the sole rationale died and it went like that for years. If way used in the way it was predestined to be, the government would have never proscribed it. It is banned for only our good. It is banned for only the sake to put on a reminder that we are Muslims and this is not our thing to do.

Islam has outlawed us from these types of actions. Islam is a very vibrant religion and nothing in Islam is done lacking an unyielding motive.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is a formation that looks for such activities and bans them in Pakistan. They were having their investigation done and when they came transversely that the rope is out of hands, they made a very precise pronouncement and banned TikTok in Pakistan.

Unethical Dilemmas on TikTok

Not all users of TikTok were equal. Each has a different mentality for the use of the TikTok application. Some have used it to promote Islamic content, but it’s only 10%. And another 90% used it for their craziest fame. TikToker has just crossed the boundaries of morality and ethics in order to gain fame and reputation. In just a whimsical moment, some come to TikTok and ask for the likes, and the viewer can only laugh at those guys.

Some people ask for videos like it and ask them if they don’t like it, he’ll break his mobile phone. What was it…? What lessons were they giving to the younger generation? Weren’t they creating unethical and immorality in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Were they not wasting precious time making such vulgar content videos for their viewers? Yes, what they did was very immoral and unethical. So, it’s good news that TikTok is going to ban. Because the wrongdoing at TikTok was more than good.

Some TikTok young girls make crazy and unethical bare body videos. Even in homes, the women in our society are not safe, and these girls come on TikTok and make such bare videos that create the cause of the attraction and addition of man for rapes. In this way, the cases of rape in our communities are growing. Some girls make these videos only to increase their followers and popularity according to men’s attraction and addiction.

Hadith mentions to stop evil:

“Whosoever of you sees an evil action, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart—and that is the weakest of faith.”

The ban on App from PTA is, therefore a good step. PM has demanded the ban several times due to TikTok’s vulgarity.

Use of VPN

Nevertheless, there is always a way for evil deeds. Only one day has passed, and now the TikTokers have by now started using proxy and VPN. VPN and other unblocking software also need to be prohibited in Pakistan. As adult content sites are also banned in Pakistan, many teenagers visit such sites by unblocking them from their devices provisionally.

Austere steps are needed to ban every such website and application permanently from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Any developing country’s growth won’t happen until these tribulations are being introduced one after the other.

Real creativity

However, when the wrath comes, it comes for all. Some users were using it as a source of income, as a podium to teach Islam, as a stage to exhibit the natural beauty of Pakistan, as a platform to do a creative project, as a platform to teach many things and all of it has also shut downstairs because of the ban.


As far as takings are concerned, it is a myth that TikTokers were salaried directly from the company. Yes, they had an income when any trademark approached them for any classified ad or endorsement. Directors and producers approached some TikTokers that were artistic artists and starred for shooting in films, web series, and dramas.


Nothing is bad, in fact, our use, our craze of getting false fame, our passing through the limits of ethics, and moral and insane addition make things worse. Some people made good content on TikTok, and they were preaching good deeds. Pakistan now has to face an economic downturn coming from the TikTok App. Any decent guys who used TikTok to make earning and now they’ve got to face a lot of trouble finding a source of earnings and work. The bad peoples are responsible for banning the App. They have to reply to those whose income is stopped because of the unethical sharing of the contents from the bad people.