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Islam is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion that teaches that there is only one God and Muhammad(SAWW) is a messenger of God. It is the world’s second largest religion with over1.8 billion followers on 24.1% of the world. Population known as Muslims make up a majority of the population in 49 countries.

Fear about Islam

If we talk about this term islamophobia, this is all about fear of Islam. A fear that can be found among other religious believers. The concept of Islam after 9,11 is considered to be more threatening. Religion is considered to be more barbaric and extremists.

The Oxford dictionary defines islamophobia as

Intense disdain or fear of Islam, particularly as a political power, hostility or prejudice toward Muslims.

On the contrary, Islam is a peaceful religion, but it is a conspiracy to defame Islam.

Negative views about Islam

According to media and other control holders of the world, On September 11th, 2001, terrorists hijacked planes. They deliberately flew them into major landmarks in America, killing thousands of civilians. They considered that Osama bin Ladin, the leader of the militant Islamic organizational Qaida, instigated the attacks. All of them find Muslims an easy target. Muslims are also blamed for the attack on the World trade center. This is living proof of Islamophobia; Islam is being portrayed as a violent religion. Muslims are considered terrorists in the world, and this is the conspiracy to defame Islam.

Islamophobia in Europe

Islamophobia is a term used to describe irrational hostility, fear, or hatred of Islam, Muslims, and Islamic culture. Today, Islamophobia in Europe manifests itself through individual attitudes, behaviors, and organizations’ policies and institutions.

one physical and verbal attacks on property, places of worship, and people, the 9,11 terrorist attacks drastically changed public opinion toward Muslims. Trump calls Muslim as a terrorist after 9,11 attacks and presents 9,11 as evidence to the world. In fact, a Cato institute analysis shows that between 1975 and 2015, no one from these countries killed a single American in a U.S terrorists attack.

Islamophobic crime in London

Hate crimes against Muslims in London have risen by 70%in the past year, according to Met police statistics. Figures for the 12 months up to July showed 816 islamophobia crime compared with 478 for the previous 12 months period. The group told inside out London women wearing a face veil were the victim of more aggressive incidents.

Targeted abuse

Fiyaz Mughal, director of the organization, said we realized that visible Muslim women wore the hijab or the headscarf suffering more targeted abuse at a street level. We also realized quite an early on that woman who wore the niqab, the face veil, suffered more aggressive incidents. There was something about the face veil that brought out the worst in the perpetrator.

Anti-Muslims hate crimes soar in Uk after Christchurch shootings

The number of anti-Muslim hate crimes reported across Britain increased by 593%in the week after a white supremacist killed worshippers at two New Zealand mosques, an independent monitoring group has said.

The attacks on mosques in Oslo and Christchurch have again called attention to the rise in anti-Muslim sentiment that is increasingly becoming normalized in media and on social platforms. This column studies the role the media plays in local increases in Islamophobic hate crime following jihadi terror attacks,

Although terrorist attacks and violent assaults are an extreme consequence, the reality is that Muslims around the world are increasingly victims of discrimination and hate crime. Muslims are considered to be terrorists in the world. They are being accused of killing those people which they don’t know about them. It creates hatred and enmity about Muslims in the world. Islam is a religion that promotes peace in the world. On the contrary, it can be considered a violent religion. Tangling Muslims, attacking their mosques, somehow stopping men and women who are following the Islamic rules can cover the domain of islamophobia. A fear among people about Islam that Islam will rule over the world. A fear that all people will follow Islam.