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Modernism of Islam
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Is Modern Muslim Really a Muslim?


Islam is a universal religion. The Muslims use the Arabic word Islam (to submit oneself, submission, or obedience to Allah the Almighty) to refer to their religion, as this word is found in the Holy Qur’an. Those who confess the religion of Islam are called Muslims (those who submit to God’s will).For the Muslims’ religion is based on the doctrine that “there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger.”

Islam also means to “be at peace” in the sense that every Muslim should be obedient and compliant to his God, and peace also means that every Muslim is both obliged to restrain himself from doing evil to others and to exert himself to do good to all mankind.

Modernism of Islam

Modernization of Islam is the reform of Islamic traditions keeping in mind the importance of the Quran and Sunnah to meet modern society’s needs and meet the challenges of new technologies and innovations that arose with time. The main aim was to strengthen, dynamism and flexibility of Muslim societies.

The modernists had a selective approach to adopt western developments to overcome the barriers of traditionalism. It was only used to prevent western culture from replacing Islamic culture. They claimed that the adoption of modern development and technology means in fact, reclaiming the Islamic heritage since modern science had its origins in classical Islamic learnings.

Traditionalists VS Modernists

Muslims are usually classifying as traditionalists or modernists. The earlier are generally reluctant to accept new ideas from west. A traditional educational system stresses religious subjects’ teaching, not the secular subjects associated with the west. Modernists are generally more open to innovation and ready to adopt the western educational system with some Islamic doctrines adaption. Good Muslims can be associated with either position.

Despite of the differences, there are certain principles held in common. One is that humankind’s mission towards the universe is to acknowledge its reality, not deal in with as an illusion or avoid it. One is that humankind’s mission toward the universe is to acknowledge its reality, not deal with it as an illusion or avoid it. The Almighty adds to creation as He pleases. It is not fixes or unchangeable things. With the blessings of the Almighty, humans can change things for the wellbeing of humankind.

Islam in modern society focus to equip the current generation with a knowledge to know the benefits of the universe and explore it. The obligation to equip oneself with knowledge, skill and intelligence is not only a duty to one’s fellow creatures but a duty to God.

What Is Modern Muslim

A modern Muslim can say a Muslim ready to adopt new techniques and ready to learn knowledge. This is the necessity of time that every Muslim nowadays must study modern technologies, learn secular studies and normally deal in society to make it better for everyone. A Muslim must be active in society, working for all of mankind. We must have Muslim doctors, engineers, politicians, scientists, journalists, writers, etc. Any Muslim is meant to follow to the teachings of Islam. A modern Muslim is someone is active and beneficial to society and mankind.

Thus in deciding how to employ his efforts, a Muslim should properly consider what will be beneficial to himself and society. If he is successful, he will create a proper balance between physical and spiritual needs. As the Muslims have tried to overcome the problems brought by progress and development, which are the products of man’s mind, modern Muslims are ready to take the benefits of these efforts.

Islam also places an obligation on believers to acquire knowledge. This concept is related to the believer’s responsibility to understand this seemingly wild and terrible universe and through knowledge to make it tame and comfortable for humankind. Anyone can achieve this goal only we have understood the purposes and benefits of the elements found in the universe.

 As the hadith state,

To acquire knowledge is an obligation for every Muslim, man and woman. To that end Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him) has also proclaimed that acquiring knowledge cannot be limited by time and place. “Pursue knowledge from the cradle to the grave.”

Islam today requires individuals to perform their religious obligations, understand the natural world, acquire the knowledge of social science, and have a positive attitude towards society as per the teachings of Islam.

As a modern Muslim, everyone follows the teachings of Islam that are directed to all spheres of human life, including material, mental and spiritual.

Islam provides guidance to an individual as good citizens function as an energetic and responsible part of the society and as a spouse and parent relates to members of the family so Islam in modern society plays a vital role in educating the persons about the social norms.

Thus as the servant of God, country, society and family, a good Muslim is able to spread God’s blessings on earth. Islam today in the world promotes social justice, a healthy economy and knowledge through its followers, all of which increase the happiness of the mankind. No area of life’s activity left untouched by Islamic teachings. The light of Islam guides and directs all activities of Muslims in building a prosperous and peaceful life.

Teaching of Islam

Islamic teachings are comprehensive and there should be no place for poverty, ignorance, backwardness, and fanaticism. On the contrary, Islam gives effective answers to the modern world’s challenge based on concepts that can make this life more meaningful without disregarding the reality of moral and spiritual aspects of the human personality; therefore, Islam today in the world is most popular religion.

What a modern Muslim is not? A Muslim modern or otherwise, cannot compromises his faith in any way. Any Muslim must follow the society however, it must be within the boundary of Islam.

Islam prohibits Muslims from eating pork, taking alcohol, and doing other things, so as a Muslim, we must avoid it. Some Muslims are indulging in alcohol and other forbidden forms of entertainment.


At the end we can conclude that Islam in the modern society have the best teachings toward religion, social and economic aspects of society. It covers all aspects of human life. So any Muslim who is following modern Islam by its soul is really a Muslim.